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  The bentonite dryer uses high-temperature hot air to evaporate the water in the bentonite to achieve the purpose of drying. So how does the equipment work? ​

bentonite dryer

  The drying principle of the bentonite dryer is to use hot air to evaporate the water in the bentonite. The hot air is generated through a hot air furnace. Fuel is burned in the hot air furnace to produce high-temperature flue gas. The flue gas is sent into the dryer and undergoes heat exchange. After heating, high-temperature hot air is formed. The high-temperature hot air passes through the heat transfer equipment inside the dryer, transfers heat to the bentonite, and evaporates the water in the bentonite, thereby achieving the purpose of drying.

  The feed inlet of the bentonite dryer is usually located at the upper part of the machine, and the bentonite with high humidity is fed into the interior of the machine. There is a rotating drum inside the equipment. The bentonite is continuously pushed forward in the rotating drum, and through the heating effect of the multi-stage heat transfer equipment, the water in the bentonite is evaporated, thereby achieving the purpose of drying. When the bentonite inside the bentonite dryer reaches the required dryness, the machine will automatically stop running and discharge the dried bentonite through the discharge port.

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