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  The straw dryer is mainly used to quickly dry the stems and leaves of crops, including wheat straw, sorghum, corn straw, pasture, rice, peanut seedlings, soybean straw, rice straw, sweet potato seedlings, vegetable seedlings, sunflower trays, etc. The moisture content of dried straw is less than 15% and can be stored for a long time. The straw dryer makes the straw drying process more environmentally friendly. It is also equipped with a dry secondary dust collector with high dust removal efficiency. Paired with a clean heat source, environmental protection and straw drying costs can be reduced.

straw dryer

  Corn straw dryers generally adopt the form of drums, which have low cost, simple operation, large output, and good drying efficiency. They mainly use the principle of thermal evaporation for drying and dehydration. The downstream situation can be used to achieve the drying of heated air and wet straw. Heat exchange, the wet straw passes from the feeding bin through the belt dryer or bucket elevator into the feeding end of the straw dryer. Under the combined action of the spiral propulsion force, the guide plate and the material's own gravity, it passes through the material transfer plate. A uniform material curtain is formed, and the heated air is in full contact with the material curtain to achieve sufficient heat exchange. Finally, a dust removal device is introduced in the discharge area and purified before being discharged into the atmosphere. Heat exchange is a key link in the straw dryer. It requires multiple factors such as material curtain, hot air volume, wind speed, temperature, internal purchase layout in the drying area, and equipment passing rate to work together to improve heat utilization and ensure drying. quality.

  After drying, the straw can be used to make straw pellets, straw briquettes, straw biochar, etc. We also provide corresponding supporting equipment. If you are interested, please contact us.

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