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  Volcanic ash is a fine volcanic clastic material, mainly composed of rocks, minerals, and volcanic glass fragments. The amount of volcanic ash is relatively large, and it is also widely distributed. Volcanic ash is also widely used. For example, its materials can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, medical and other industries after reprocessing. However, before use, it needs to be dried because the high water content makes it difficult to transport and reuse.

volcanic ash dryer

  The drying treatment of volcanic ash can use volcanic ash dryer equipment. The volcanic ash dryer equipment can dry a large amount of volcanic ash materials containing moisture. At the same time, the volcanic ash dryer equipment is highly mechanized and automated. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate. It is the best way to dry volcanic ash. Good choice of materials.

  The volcanic ash dryer mainly dries materials through heat transfer. The moisture-containing materials are greatly reduced through contact with high-temperature hot air. In addition, the drum is equipped with a dispersing device, which effectively prevents It reduces the adhesion of materials and also increases the contact area between materials and high-temperature hot air, further reducing the moisture content of materials. The completely dried materials are discharged from the discharge port, completing the entire drying process. The volcanic ash dryer equipment production line is mainly composed of loading and unloading devices, dryer mainframes, heat source devices, dust removal equipment, induced draft fans, power distribution cabinets and other accessories. The cooperation between the equipment completes the drying process of materials.

  Jiutian volcanic ash dryer is suitable for drying volcanic ash, pond ash, bottom ash, fly ash and other materials, if you are interested in, please contact us.

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