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  The alfalfa dryer is suitable for large-scale pasture production enterprises to carry out rapid and continuous drying operations of fresh alfalfa during the concentrated harvest season of alfalfa. In alfalfa processing, the traditional natural drying method is restricted by weather conditions, resulting in serious waste and long processing time. The alfalfa dryer production line developed by Jiutian adopts high-temperature rapid drying technology, which allows the grass to quickly complete the heat and mass transfer drying process in the dryer, better maintaining the nutritional content of the fresh grass, After drying, the alfalfa smells fragrant and is dark green in color, making it suitable for storage and transportation.

alfalfa dryer

  Characteristics of alfalfa dryer:

  1. Strong adaptability, can be used for alfalfa, ryegrass, corn grass, bean grass and other forage materials.

  2. A series of mechanical chain-type coal-fired hot blast stoves widely used in the drying industry are used as the heat source of the drying system, with high automation, high thermal efficiency and easy operation.

  3. The overall system has good sealing performance and is equipped with a complete dust removal device without dust spillage.

  4. The entire forage drying equipment system adopts electrical centralized control, with a high degree of automation and easy operation.

  5. It can be connected with subsequent stages such as crushing, mixing, granulation, packaging, and briquetting to improve the level of deep processing of forage.

  6. The dried product: green in color, fragrant in smell, retaining the color, taste and nutrients of fresh grass, and good taste, which not only enhances the appetite of livestock, but also improves economic benefits.

  For more information about our alfalfa dryer, please contact us.

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