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  The sand dryer is a drying equipment for drying various sands and gravels containing a certain amount of moisture. The equipment has large overall production capacity, strong adaptability, high thermal efficiency, and can achieve a good drying effect on sand.

sand dryer

  working principle

  The wet sand enters the inner layer of the three-layer drum from the feeding device to realize downstream drying. The sand is continuously picked up and scattered under the lifting plate of the inner layer to achieve heat exchange in a spiral manner. The sand moves to the other end of the inner layer. Entering the middle layer, countercurrent drying is carried out. The sand is continuously pushed forward repeatedly in the middle layer, showing a two-step-forward and one-step-back movement. The sand in the middle layer fully absorbs the heat emitted by the inner roller and absorbs the heat of the middle roller. At the same time, the drying time is extended, and the sand reaches a better dry state here. The sand travels to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer. The material travels in a rectangular multi-circuit manner in the outer drum. The material that has reached the drying effect travels quickly and is discharged from the drum under the action of hot air. The wet sand that has not reached the drying effect cannot be quickly discharged due to its own weight. Traveling, the materials are fully dried in this rectangular lifting plate, thereby achieving the drying effect and completing the drying process. The discharged dusty moisture is uniformly collected by dust removal equipment.

  The sand dryer produced by our company has strong adaptability and can meet the particle size and moisture requirements of different users after drying the sand. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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