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  The rotary drum sludge dryer is suitable for drying municipal sludge, river sludge, papermaking sludge and other materials. After high-temperature drying, the sludge moisture content is less than 10%. The treated sludge can be used in agriculture, as fuel, and as cement processing. filler. The thermal efficiency of the sludge dryer is low during use, which not only affects production efficiency, but also affects the quality of dried sludge products and increases energy consumption. Today, Jiutian will summarize the reasons for the low thermal efficiency of the dryer and help you find reasonable solutions.

sludge dryer

  1. The lifting plate inside the drum of the sludge dryer has a single design and unreasonable layout. It cannot effectively disperse and absorb heat during the sludge drying process.

  2. A wind tunnel will be formed inside the sludge dryer barrel. Due to the small resistance of the wind tunnel, hot air is lost from the wind tunnel, resulting in a large loss of heat energy, low thermal contact and exchange quality, and ultimately low thermal efficiency of the dryer.

  3. The feeding speed, feeding amount and material particle size affect the thermal efficiency. The larger the feeding amount and the coarser the particle size, the harder it is to dry.

  4. The power of the dryer motor is too low, and it cannot intelligently adjust the dryer speed according to the initial moisture content of the material, nor can it adjust the machine speed to meet the drying needs of different input amounts.

  5. Hot blast stove quality or control issues. Ordinary hot blast stoves have low fuel utilization and low heat release, and cannot be compared with fully automatic grate furnaces and pulverized coal hot blast stoves. To ensure the thermal efficiency of the sludge dryer, customers are advised to choose a hot blast stove reasonably.

  Zhengzhou Jiutian is professional sludge drum dryer manufacturer. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us.

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