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Drum Scraper Dryer

Drum Scraper Dryer

  • Capacity: 30-120 kg/h
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

Environmental: Multi-level dust removal and environmental protection standards

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  Jiutian® scraper drum dryer is a continuous indirect-heating drying machine with steam as the heating medium to ensure that the dried product is highly clean. The material film of a certain thickness is attached to the drum from the material liquid container under the drum. The raw materials are evenly distributed on the heated surface of the drum. The heat is transferred to the inner wall of the drum through the pipe, and then to the outer wall and the material film, so that the material film is of water evaporates. The material can be completely dried after one rotation of the drying cylinder, and the sheeting material automatically falls into the discharge port under the action of the scraper device, complete unloading, simple operation, and high drying efficiency.

  Scraper drum dryer is suitable for drying liquid or viscous materials in chemical, dye, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and other industries, such as beer yeast, potassium humate, sodium humate, gelatin, etc.


  1. High thermal efficiency: The thermal efficiency can be as high as 90%.

  2. Fast drying: the drying process only takes 10-15 seconds. Therefore, the drum dryer can be used for drying heat-sensitive materials.

  3. Clean dried product: The machine uses steam as a heat source for indirect drying to ensure the cleanliness of the materials.

  4. Uniform drying: The heat transfer direction and coefficient of the entire drum surface are the same. Wet materials can be evenly spread on the surface of the drum and dried evenly.

Drum Scraper Dryer
Drum Scraper Dryer
Drum Scraper Dryer


Model Capacity (kg/h) Drum Size (mm) Drum Rotation Rate( r/min) Steam Working Pressure (Mpa) Total Power (kw) Steam Consumption (kg/h)
JHD1500×2000 30-40 Φ1500×2000 4-8 ≤0.3 6.97 240-280
JHD1500×2350 40-60 Φ1500×2350 9.37 282-330
JHD2000×2500 50-80 Φ2000×2500 13.7 400-468
JHD2000×3000 70-100 Φ2000×3000 17.7 480-560
JHD2500×3000 90-120 Φ2500×3000 17.7 600-700

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