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Food Waste Drying Machine

Food Waste Drying Machine

  • Capacity: 33.6-247 t/d
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

Environmental: Multi-level dust removal and environmental protection standards

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Food waste, also known as drowning water, food residues, food and kitchen residues, etc. The content of organic matter in food waste is high, about more than 95% of dry matter. It is easy to corrupting and stinking, and breed bacteria, causing the disease spread. Especially in the summer, secondary pollution can easily occur during collection and transportation. However, in addition to the high content of organic matter in food and kitchen waste, it is also rich in protein, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and various trace elements. It has the characteristics of complete nutrition elements and high recycling value. Jiutian food waste drying plant use of food waste as a comprehensive utilization of resources not only avoids the resources waste but also makes the resources reused and turns waste into treasure.

Applicable materials for food waste drying system

Applicable materials for food waste drying system

Three main paths for the comprehensive utilization of food waste

1. Make the food waste as animal feed. We provide whole complete food waste animal feed production line equipment. The food waste through sorted, impurities are removed, crushed, dehydrated, deoiled, and oil recovered, biomass diesel is produced, and yeast, probiotics, and auxiliary materials are added. After aerobic fermentation, drying, cooling, packaging, wastewater, and waste gas pass through to meet the discharge standards, the final product is protein animal feed and biomass diesel.

2. Process food waste as organic fertilizer. Food waste is sorted, impurities are removed, and crushed, dehydrated, deoiled, oil is recovered. After aerobic fermentation, drying, cooling, packaging, wastewater, and waste gas process to reach the discharge standards, the final product is organic fertilizer and biomass diesel. 

3. Use food waste to produce biogas. After the sorting of kitchen garbage, impurities removed, crushed, deoiled, and oil recovered and adds anaerobic bacteria. In the sealed tanks, anaerobic fermentation is used to produce biogas for power generation or combustion, and waste residues are dehydrated, drying, cooling, and packaged, and the wastewater is treated and discharged up to standard. The final products are biogas, organic fertilizer, and biomass diesel.

Food Waste Drying Machine
Food Waste Drying Machine
Food Waste Drying Machine


Device Specification Daily Processing Capacity(t/d) Daily Output(t/d) Water Evaporation Capacity (t/h) Raw Material Water Content(%) Dried Material Water Content((%) Drying Temperature Total Installed Power (kw) Total Weight(kg) Plant Area (m²)
JTJG1208 33.6 15.6 0.75 60±5% 12-15% (Adjustable) 350-550℃ 32 15000 5m*14m
JTJG1408 40.8 19.2 0.90 40 17000 5m*14m
JTJG1610 58.9 27.7 1.30 55 21500 6m*16m
JTJG2010/3 131.4 61.8 2.90 95 26500 8m*16m
JTJG2210/3 145.0 68.2 3.20 100 28500 8m*16m
JTJG2510/3 167.7 78.9 3.70 125 37000 10m*16m
JTJG2512/3 204.0 96.0 4.50 145 41000 10m*18m
JTJG2912/3 247.0 116.2 5.45 165 45500 10m*20m

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