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  To buy a yam slice dryer, you can choose a multi-layer mesh belt yam slice dryer, which adopts a multi-layer flip structure, and uses the pure hot air generated by the heat source to dry layer by layer in the drying box, and the drying effect is good.

mesh belt dryer

  The working principle of the continuous mesh belt dryer for yam slices: the fresh yam slices are transported to the bottom of the drying box through the conveyor belt, and fall down layer by layer in an "s" shape. There is a material blocking device between the layers. Prevent the yam pieces from falling directly to the bottom. The heat source blows the hot air into the bottom of the drying box under the action of the fan, and the hot air passes through the mesh belt layer by layer, takes away the moisture in the yam slices, and discharges from the top, which is a cycle process.

  Advantages of yam tablet mesh belt dryer:

  1. Save labor, the equipment adopts continuous drying, 2-3 people are enough for the whole set of equipment.

  2. The drying temperature and operating speed are controllable, which can be controlled through the power distribution cabinet according to different materials.

  3. The heat source can be coal, wood, natural gas, diesel, air energy heat pump, etc. Customers can choose according to the actual local conditions and their own.

  4. Clean and hygienic, the mesh belt in contact with the material is made of 304 stainless steel.

  5. Compared with traditional dryers, mesh belt dryers can be used for continuous production with higher efficiency.

  6. The mesh belt dryer is a low-speed drying, and the whole set of equipment has almost no wearing parts.

  If you are interested in our mesh belt dryer, please feel free to contact us.

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