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  Raw coal dryer is a drying equipment for removing moisture from coal, lignite, Mongolian coal, etc. The equipment runs smoothly, has high thermal efficiency, high cost performance, low investment and low operating cost.

raw coal dryer

  Composition of raw coal dryer:

  1. Material guide area. The wet material enters this area and contacts with the high temperature hot air to quickly evaporate the water. The material is moved by the material guide plate with a large lead angle, and it will be introduced to the next working area if it cannot form a bond.

  2. Pick up the cleanup area. The wet material is picked up by the lifting board in this area to form a material curtain state. When the material falls, it is easy to form a phenomenon of sticking to the wall of the drum. In this area, because the equipment is designed with a cleaning device, the cleaning device can reasonably clean the material adhered to the inner wall. In this process, the cleaning device also breaks up the agglomeration of material pellets, thereby increasing the heat exchange area and improving the drying rate.

  3. Tilt the lifting plate area. The wet coal is already in a low-moisture loose state in this area, and the material has no cohesive phenomenon in this area. After sufficient heat exchange, the material reaches the required moisture state and enters the discharge area.

  4. Discharge area. There is no lifting board in this area of the drum, and the material rolls and slides to the discharge port in this area to complete the entire drying process.

  Raw coal dryer process:

  The slime dryer adopts a low-temperature four-stage drying process to evaporate the moisture of the slime to below 13% while ensuring the quality of the dried slime remains unchanged:

  The primary drying zone removes most of the moisture at 400°C under high humidity conditions to ensure that the chemical composition of the coal slime does not change and is not easy to burn;

  The room temperature in the secondary drying area is 300°C, and the water is removed through medium-temperature strong induced air and high-yield to ensure that the coal slime does not coke;

  The indoor temperature of the third-stage drying zone is 120°C-210°C. The crushing device in the drum is used to repeatedly hit and break up the materials and dry them in a downstream direction;

  The four-level drying area is a high exhaust area, the room temperature is 60°C-80°C, and the low-temperature hot air flow with negative pressure in the induced draft system is used to remove moisture.

  Zhengzhou Jiutian is professional raw coal dryer manufacturer. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us.

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