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  The beer yeast dryer is mainly used by various breweries to dry beer yeast. The yeast contains a lot of protein and nutrients, but the wet yeast has too much water, which is very easy to spoil and deteriorate in summer, and it is difficult to transport and use. The moisture content of the yeast dried by the yeast dryer can be greatly reduced, and the nutrients are preserved. The dried yeast can not only be used for raising animals and livestock, but also can be used for the cultivation of edible fungi and the production of organic fertilizer.

beer yeast dryer

  The current yeast dryer technology is mature, and now the mainstream yeast dryer mainly uses steam as the heat source of the yeast dryer, so the yeast dryer needs special heating equipment for heating and then drying. The first factor that affects the price of the yeast dryer is the size of the yeast dryer. The price of the yeast dryer and the size of the yeast dryer have an important impact. For the yeast dryer with a large drying output, the raw materials required There are more, so the price will naturally be more expensive, otherwise the price is lower. When choosing a yeast dryer, users should choose a yeast dryer that suits them according to their own drying needs. The second is the manufacturer and process, which will also have a greater impact on the price of the dryer. Due to the long working hours of the yeast dryer, various small problems will inevitably occur, which highlights the importance of after-sales for the manufacturer. When choosing Therefore, customers should not only look at the price, but also pay more attention to the specific process of the dryer and the after-sales service of the manufacturer.

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