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Biomass Pellet Production Line

Biomass Pellet Production Line

  • Capacity: 0.8-5.0 t/h
  • Heat source: Biomass, natural gas, propane, diesel, coal, etc.

Environmental: Multi-level dust removal and environmental protection standards

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As a new type of particulate fuel, biomass pellets have won wide recognition for their unique advantages; compared with traditional fuels, they not only have economic advantages but also environmental benefits, which fully meet the requirements of sustainable development.

Nowdays, the use of wood pellets is increasing, and the demand for wood pellet fuels continues to grow throughout the world. Large, medium, and small biomass pellet producers have ushered in new opportunities, achieved good economic returns, and have optimistic development prospects. 

According to the demand of market, Jiutian technical team designs and manufactures the equipment of biomass pellet production line, which are suitable for the biomass material with the 35-56% moisture to make pellet,such as sawdust, bamboo shavings, wood shavings,barley straw, oat straw, wheat straw, rye straw, rice straw, rice husk, bagasse, sorghum straw, corn straw, beans stalk, peanut vine stalk,etc. We also help optimize the drying and pelleting process according to the property of different biomass materials, production scale, application requirements, cost control, automation level, and site condition.

The complete wood pellet production line including: Raw materials preparation, crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling, biomass pellets packing.

Applicable materials for wood pellet production line

Applicable materials for wood pellet plant

Biomass Pellet Production Line
Biomass Pellet Production Line
Biomass Pellet Production Line


Model Capacity(t/h) Motor power(kw) Weight(ton) Area(m²)
JTKL1000 0.8-1.0 135 45 10×24m
JTKL1500 1.2-1.5 175 47 10×24m
JTKL2000 1.5-2.0 210 55 10×24m
JTKL3000 2.5-3.0 255 68 12×26m
JTKL5000 4.5-5.0 300 73 12×26m

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