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  During the drying process of the fruit peel dryer, it is easy to cause the inlet to be blocked and stick to the cylinder wall, causing material blockage and affecting the drying efficiency of the peel dryer and the quality of the dried materials. When the user uses the peel dryer, how to prevent material adhesion and clogging?

fruit peel dryer

  1. The humidity and viscosity of the peel are the main reasons for the clogging of the peel dryer.

  Therefore, when the high-humidity and high-viscosity peel material passes through the feeding device, it is easy to stick to the feeding device, causing the peel dryer equipment to be unable to feed materials in a normal and orderly manner. Once the temperature does not meet the drying requirements, it is easy to stick to the cylinder wall. In severe cases, it will cause blockage and affect the drying efficiency of the material. Therefore, the moisture content of the feed should be strictly controlled, which not only prevents the material from becoming sticky during the drying process, but also greatly saves energy consumption.

  2. Drying temperature and air volume.

  This is because the peel needs to rely on hot air for heat transfer during the drying process. If sufficient drying temperature and air volume cannot be guaranteed, the heat transfer between the material and heat cannot be well guaranteed, and it is easy for the material and peel dryer to the current situation of mutual adhesion and blockage. Only by maintaining sufficient heat can the drying efficiency and quality of materials be guaranteed.

  3. Regular inspection of peel dryer

  During the operation of the peel and residue dryer, the operator should check the operation of the peel and residue dryer equipment from time to time, and check the feeding and discharging conditions of the equipment. If material is found to be blocked, it must be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

  Zhengzhou Jiutian is a professional peel and pomace dryer manufacturer. If you are interested in our equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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