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  There are a variety of heat sources for food waste dryers, such as coal, gas, oil, biomass pellets, steam and boiler waste heat. How should we choose the heat source for food waste dryers?

food waste dryer

  1. Before determining the heat source, we must first understand the nature of food waste and select the heat source according to the characteristics of food waste to ensure the smooth progress of the drying operation and obtain high-quality dried products. This is because some food waste cannot withstand high temperatures, and the by-products after drying can easily pollute the environment.

  2. If the user needs the dried product to be purer, then the indirect drying method can be used instead of the direct drying method. Indirect drying separates the heat source from the material. Steam and other relatively clean gases are usually used as the heat source of garbage dryers, which are safe and pollution-free, but the disadvantage is low heat energy utilization.

  3. The heat source must be safe. This ensures that there are no flammable or explosive hazards during the drying process of the food waste dryer, and the equipment can operate stably for production.

  4. The heat source selected for the food waste dryer needs to have a certain degree of stability. During use, the supplied heat source cannot suddenly disappear, which will not only affect the output of the equipment, but also have a certain impact on the hotel garbage dryer.

  Zhengzhou Jiutian is a professional food waste dryer manufacturer. We can customize solutions according to your different heat source needs. Welcome to inquire.

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