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  The lignite dryer is an equipment used to dry materials. Through the rotation of the cylinder, the materials in the cylinder are brought to a certain height and then fall. The materials form a free and independent state during the scattering process. The hot air in the cylinder It can fully contact the material. After heat transfer, the moisture in the material is dried to complete the drying of the material.

lignite dryer

  However, sometimes the material after drying by the lignite dryer is unevenly dried and wetted. This is caused by the speed of the lignite dryer and the drying temperature in the barrel not being adjusted properly. The feed materials of the lignite dryer are mostly viscous materials with moisture. It is easy to stick together. However, when these substances enter the dryer, they can be separated by scattering. If the drum speed of the lignite dryer is not adjusted well, it will be difficult to separate the bonded material clusters, which will lead to uneven drying of the material. Phenomenon. If the temperature inside the cylinder is improperly adjusted, the temperature distribution will be uneven, and the heat of the material will be uneven, resulting in uneven drying of the material.

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