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  Okara is a kind of material with high water content and oil content, and the water content is not easy to be processed. In view of this feature, Zhengzhou Jiutian company has developed a complete set of equipment for dehydrating and drying bean dregs. The okara flash dryer manufactured by Jiutian adopts special anti-bonding technology and drying process to solve various technical problems in the drying process of bean dregs, and achieve good drying effect.

okara flash dryer

  Principle of okara flash dryer:

  Hot air enters the mixing, crushing and drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer through the inlet pipe at an appropriate jet speed, which produces strong shearing, blowing, floating and rotating effects on the materials. As a result, the materials are subjected to centrifugal, shearing, collision and friction and are micronized, which strengthens mass transfer and heat transfer.

  Bean dregs enter the dryer through the spiral feeder. Under the strong action of the high-speed rotating agitator, the materials are impacted, dispersed by friction and shearing, and the block materials are quickly crushed, fully contacted with the hot air, heated and dried. The dehydrated dry bean dregs rise with the hot air, and the grading ring intercepts the large particles. The small particles are discharged from the center of the ring and recovered by the cyclone separator. The undried or large pieces of materials are thrown to the wall by the centrifugal force and fall to the bottom again to be crushed and dried.

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