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  The potato residue dryer built by Jiutian for Gansu customers is currently being installed. After-sales engineers are personally involved to ensure that the daily planned workload is completed to the maximum extent. The technicians responsible for the installation work of the potato residue dryer in Pingyang, Gansu are very serious and responsible.

potato residue dryer installation

  The potato residue dryer is one of the products of Zhengzhou Jiutian feed drying equipment. It is a mechanical equipment specially designed for dehydration and drying of high-humidity waste residues, which mainly contain starch, such as potato residues. It effectively avoids the problems of paste, agglomeration and uneven drying and wetness of potato residue during the drying process. The drying efficiency is high and the quality of dry materials is good.

  As an excellent drying equipment research and development base and an excellent manufacturer of potato residue dryers, Jiutian has successful cases of potato residue drying equipment and has repeatedly received high praise, providing you with scientific and reasonable drying system solutions.

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