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  Coconut peat is coconut husk powder, a by-product of coconut processing, and a pure natural organic medium that falls off during the processing of coconut husk fibers. For a long time, people have treated coconut peat as waste without further processing it. However, with the development of flower cultivation and agricultural seedlings, it has gradually been found that coconut peat has good water retention and air permeability and is very suitable for cultivating plants. , and began to use heavily. However, generally coconut peat contains water and is not easy to store. At this time, it needs to be processed by crushing, drying, briquetting and other deep processing methods.

cocopeat dryer

  The direction of comprehensive utilization of coconut peat after drying mainly includes: 1. Production of coconut peat bricks. Coconut peat bricks are a high-quality cultivation medium. The main production process is cocopeat dryer-brick press-vacuum packaging machine. 2. Carbonization, although the quality of coconut peat charcoal is not as good as that of coconut shell charcoal, it can also be sold in briquettes after carbonization in a carbonization furnace. 3. Production of cat litter and coconut peat. The more common cat litter products today include bean dregs cat litter and coconut peat cat litter. In China, bean dregs cat litter is the best quality. In other countries, coconut peat cat litter is another better choice . 4. Briquetting to produce biomass pellet fuel. For countries rich in coconut resources, this comprehensive utilization method is the last choice.

  Jiutian cocopeat dryer is a drying series specially designed for coconut bran materials. It has the advantages of large output, small footprint, low energy consumption, and stable operation. It has high thermal efficiency and is especially suitable for drying coconut bran and palm bran materials. Welcome to contact us for more detailed information.

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