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  Coal rotary dryer can dehydrate and dry high-humidity and high-viscosity coal, thereby achieving the purpose of harmlessness, stabilization, reduction and resource disposal of coal, and greatly improving the use value and economic value of coal. What are the advantages of coal dryers?

coal rotary dryer

  1. The coal dryer adopts a three-cylinder structure, that is, three drums of different diameters are embedded together, which greatly increases the internal volume of the drum and makes the processing capacity three times that of a single-cylinder coal dryer.

  2. The coal dryer barrel is equipped with a special dispersion device and material guide system, which can disperse and stir the feed, speed up the mixing contact between the material and the hot air, which not only improves the heat energy utilization rate, but also improves the production efficiency of the equipment.

  3. The coal dryer adopts a heat energy distribution system. Its drying temperature, air volume, and wind speed can be adjusted according to the moisture content of the materials in different drying stages, which greatly saves energy consumption. In addition, there is an insulation layer outside the coal dryer barrel, which can reduce the spillage of smoke and dust inside the coal dryer barrel, which not only improves heat energy utilization, but also saves energy consumption. There is also a professional dust removal device at the end of the system, which can filter, purify and reduce the flue gas and dust generated during the production process, so that it can be discharged after meeting the flue gas emission requirements, reducing the impact on the environment.

  4. The entire drying system adopts automatic control, which is simple and convenient to operate, greatly saving manpower. At the same time, the coal dryer equipment has stable performance and can operate continuously. The coal dryer equipment has a low failure rate and low maintenance costs.

  5. The coal dryer has a wide range of uses and can be used to dry coal slime, pomace and sawdust, straw, yeast, pasture, distiller's grains, etc. The heat source can use coal, gas, oil, steam, boiler waste heat, etc., which can meet the production needs of different users and bring higher economic benefits to users.

  Zhengzhou Jiutian is a coal dryer manufacturer, if you want to buy equipment, welcome to consult.

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