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  The equipment installation and commissioning work of the coal slime drying project undertaken by Zhengzhou Jiutian for a customer in Yangquan, Shanxi Province has been successfully completed, marking an important milestone in improving coal slime management and utilization practices in the region.

Coal slime dryer installation and commissioning completed in Yangquan, Shanxi

  Coal slime dryer is a key equipment for effectively managing and utilizing coal slime, a byproduct of coal mining. By drying coal slime, it can be transformed into a valuable resource that can be used in a variety of applications. Coal slime dryers not only improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the coal mining industry, but also make positive contributions to environmental protection. Through the advantages of reducing wastewater discharge, reducing air pollution and improving combustion efficiency, coal slime dryers have broad application prospects in the field of environmental protection.

  Our company has many successful cases of coal slime drying in Shanxi area. You can contact us for nearby inspection.

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